Best Online Business Degree Programs in USA 2022

Best Online Business Degree Programs  in USA 2022

Best Online Business Degree Programs in USA 2022, Professionals with strong business knowledge are needed in nearly every industry, from finance and marketing to healthcare and technology. An online bachelor’s degree in

Students who want to launch their own firm or advance to managerial and administrative roles may find success in business. Business program graduates are eligible for entry-level positions in business and finance.

according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, managers typically earn median incomes between $55,560-$89,330. Graduates can also pursue a master’s degree since an online MBA program may lead to future employment with significantly higher pay. Students can pick an online program that meets their personal and professional goals with the help of our ranking list of the top online bachelor’s in business programs. Additionally, we’ve covered an overview of online business degrees, accreditation, the price of online courses, and whether this is an area in which a degree is necessary.

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2021 Best Online Colleges Offering Bachelor’s in Business Degrees

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For an online bachelor’s in business, the institutions with the best 10-year returns on investment (ROI) have ROIs of $500,000 or more. Based on alumni salaries and debt, ROI calculates the overall earnings of graduates over a ten-year period. In order to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for investing in a degree, we take into consideration both future earnings and loan interest. Alumni of the top-ranked University of Virginia have an estimated ROI of $788,000, which is nearly $369,000 greater than the national average. The average ROI for business degrees in the US is $418,700.

The U.S. Department of Education’s stated data is the foundation for the ROI figures. To determine tuition costs unique to online degrees, tuition is carefully investigated. Read about our approach.

Rank School Annual Tuition Median Starting Salary Median Debt 10-year ROI
# 1 University of Virginia $14,640 $78,719 $18,006 $788,000
# 2 New York University $43,032 $76,871 $20,008 $766,900
# 3 City University of Seattle $20,520 $71,015 $25,375 $699,500
# 4 Golden Gate University $14,322 $71,351 $29,251 $698,100
# 5 University of Minnesota Online $13,545 $62,623 $20,500 $618,900
# 6 Goodwin University $19,988 $63,005 $40,286 $598,500
# 7 Oregon Institute of Technology $12,150 $61,020 $24,000 $598,300
# 8 Capella University $10,000 $61,073 $25,000 $597,600
# 9 Becker College $13,330 $61,516 $30,000 $595,900
# 10 University of Management and Technology $11,700 $60,185 $20,834 $593,700
# 11 Colorado State University Global  $10,500 $60,206 $24,978 $588,700
# 12 Charter Oak State College $12,570 $59,485 $20,350 $587,100
# 13 Western Governors University  $6,450 $58,622 $15,092 $584,700
# 14 Thomas Edison State University $9,278 $58,447 $17,114 $580,400
# 15 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide $12,870 $58,943 $21,874 $579,600
# 16 Southwestern College – KS $19,800 $57,598 $16,227 $573,200
# 17 Drexel University $41,310 $58,162 $27,737 $564,600
# 18 University of Massachusetts – Amherst $14,250 $57,082 $21,500 $560,900
# 19 Utah Valley University $16,092 $55,801 $15,750 $554,900
# 20 University of Mary $13,950 $56,776 $24,362 $554,200
# 21 Rutgers University $16,500 $56,415 $22,000 $553,400
# 22 LeTourneau University $11,820 $56,415 $29,168 $544,500
# 23 Bowling Green State University-Main Campus  $9,727 $55,183 $24,275 $538,200
# 24 Union Institute & University $16,350 $55,964 $31,090 $537,400
# 25 Excelsior College $15,300 $53,300 $12,412 $533,600

Best Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Rankings Details


University of Virginia

 Charlottesville (VA)
  • 10-Year ROI$788,000
  • Median Salary$78,719
  • Annual Tuition$14,640
  • Median Debt$18,006

A bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies with a business specialization is available online from the University of Virginia. After obtaining 45–60 college credits, either through UVA or transfer from another accredited university, students may start the program. For graduation, a total of 120 credits are needed, including 18 for the business concentration. Students…


New York University

 New York (NY)
  • 10-Year ROI$766,900
  • Median Salary$76,871
  • Annual Tuition$43,032
  • Median Debt$20,008

A Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Management Studies with a focus in global management is available online from New York University (NYU). A total of 128 credits are needed to complete this degree-completion program, including general education courses, electives, core business coursework, and 16 credits of specialty curriculum. The program comes to a close…


City University of Seattle

 Seattle (WA)
  • 10-Year ROI$699,500
  • Median Salary$71,015
  • Annual Tuition$20,520
  • Median Debt$25,375

The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program offered by City University of Seattle has four emphasis options: management, project management, data analytics for business decision making, and specialized study. The 180 quarter-credit program has 13 required business courses at five credits each, plus an additional five courses for each emphasis. Core subjects like Finance,…


Golden Gate University

 San Francisco (CA)
  • 10-Year ROI$698,100
  • Median Salary$71,351
  • Annual Tuition$14,322
  • Median Debt$29,251

The online Bachelor of Science in Business program at Golden Gate University (GGU) is available in 10 concentrations or as a general degree. Data analytics, international business, marketing, psychology, and accounting are among the concentrations. The concentrations in accounting and psychology are a component of pathway programs that make it easier to pursue a graduate degree in those fields at GGU. A …


University of Minnesota Online

 Minneapolis (MN) (and 4 others)
  • 10-Year ROI$618,900
  • Median Salary$62,623
  • Annual Tuition$13,545
  • Median Debt$20,500

Three undergraduate business degrees with a focus are available from the University of Minnesota Online (UMO). Through courses including Professional Agriselling, Farm Business Management, and Grain and Livestock Marketing, the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business equips students to apply tried-and-true business principles to agriculture and commodities. The International Business Bachelor of Science…


Goodwin University

 East Hartford (CT)
  • 10-Year ROI$598,500
  • Median Salary$63,005
  • Annual Tuition$19,988
  • Median Debt$40,286

An online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is available at Goodwin University. Core courses including Business Law and Ethics, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Customer Relations in a Multicultural World, and a Strategic Planning capstone are required for this 121-credit degree. Although the program is meant to be completed in four years, students can alternatively enroll in expedited classes that…


Oregon Institute of Technology

 Klamath Falls (OR)
  • 10-Year ROI$598,300
  • Median Salary$61,020
  • Annual Tuition$12,150
  • Median Debt$24,000

A Bachelor of Science in Business Management is available online from the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). With the majority of classes carrying three credits each under OIT’s 11-week quarter structure, this program takes 182 credits to complete. Lean/Six Sigma Management, Business Presentations, Principles of Accounting, Human Resource Management, and a two-course Senior Project are all required courses.


Capella University

 Minneapolis (MN)
  • 10-Year ROI$597,600
  • Median Salary$61,073
  • Annual Tuition$10,000
  • Median Debt$25,000

The online Bachelor of Science in Business degree program from Capella University has nine specialization options, including accounting, accounting CPA, business administration, finance, health care management, human resource management, management and leadership, marketing, and project management. Each student completes eight courses in their area of emphasis in addition to the 10 fundamental business courses required by their degree.


Becker College

 Worcester (MA)
  • 10-Year ROI$595,900
  • Median Salary$61,516
  • Annual Tuition$13,330
  • Median Debt$30,000

A bachelor’s degree in business administration with a management specialization is available online from Becker College. To complete the 121-credit program, students must pass 11 business courses. Global Economics and 73 elective hours are required of general track students, whereas 52 elective credits and five specialty courses are required of management track students. one’s senior year


University of Management and Technology

 Arlington (VA)
  • 10-Year ROI$593,700
  • Median Salary$60,185
  • Annual Tuition$11,700
  • Median Debt$20,834

There are eight possible concentrations for the online Bachelor of Business Administration degree offered by the University of Management and Technology (UMT): marketing management, engineering management, health administration, human resources management, international management, and management of information technology. Within its 120 credits are…


Colorado State University Global

 Greenwood Village (CO)
  • 10-Year ROI$588,700
  • Median Salary$60,206
  • Annual Tuition$10,500
  • Median Debt$24,978

A Bachelor of Science in Business Management is available online from Colorado State University Global (CSUG). The 120-credit curriculum consists of 30 credits of core business courses, including Principles of Management, Quantitative Business Analysis, and the Business Policy Development and Implementation Capstone, and 31 credits of general education. A potential course in business management is created…


Charter Oak State College

 New Britain (CT)
  • 10-Year ROI$587,100
  • Median Salary$59,485
  • Annual Tuition$12,570
  • Median Debt$20,350

The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program at Charter Oak State College has five specialization options: general business (with classes selected in consultation with an advisor), human resources, organizational management, project management, and small business. A minimum of 45 credits must be earned in the major, including nine for the concentration and a final exam.


Western Governors University

 Salt Lake City (UT)
  • 10-Year ROI$584,700
  • Median Salary$58,622
  • Annual Tuition$6,450
  • Median Debt$15,092

Business management, healthcare management, and marketing are available as specializations for the online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree offered by Western Governors University. Each program has a core of 13 business courses covering topics including finance, strategic thinking, business structure, and management, in addition to the general education requirements.


Thomas Edison State University

 Trenton (NJ)
  • 10-Year ROI$580,400
  • Median Salary$58,447
  • Annual Tuition$9,278
  • Median Debt$17,114

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degrees are available from Thomas Edison State University (TESU) in 11 different concentrations, including accounting, entrepreneurship, general management, marketing, and operations management. This degree requires 120 credits across all tracks, including 36 credits in basic business courses, 18 credits for the concentration, and 6 credits for electives. Business B.S. majors are all…


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide

 Daytona Beach (FL)
  • 10-Year ROI$579,600
  • Median Salary$58,943
  • Annual Tuition$12,870
  • Median Debt$21,874

A Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration is offered online by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide. A core of 12 business courses and general education courses make up the 120 credits required for this degree. Additionally, students study ten classes focused on aviation management, including Airport Planning and Design, Aircraft Crash and…


Southwestern College – KS

 Winfield (KS)
  • 10-Year ROI$573,200
  • Median Salary$57,598
  • Annual Tuition$19,800
  • Median Debt$16,227

In addition to options in accounting, business administration, business quality management, human resource management and development, operations management, and strategic leadership, Southwestern College also offers a number of online bachelor’s degrees in business. Students must take at least 30 of the 124 credits required for any program at Southwestern. Every program has a different curriculum,…


Drexel University

 Philadelphia (PA)
  • 10-Year ROI$564,600
  • Median Salary$58,162
  • Annual Tuition$41,310
  • Median Debt$27,737

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a possible marketing specialization is available online from Drexel University. 16 basic business administration courses are included in this degree-completion program, which has 180 quarter credits and is divided into four 10-week quarters every year. These courses include Managerial Accounting Foundations, Business Consulting, and Operations Management. Typical business


University of Massachusetts – Amherst

 Amherst (MA)
  • 10-Year ROI$560,900
  • Median Salary$57,082
  • Annual Tuition$14,250
  • Median Debt$21,500

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst (UMA) grants online Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees. Concentrations in accounting, finance, management, marketing, operations, and information management are available through these degree completion programs. The 120-credit curriculum consists of 6-10 classes for each emphasis and 11–12 fundamental business classes. UMA…


Utah Valley University

 Orem (UT)
  • 10-Year ROI$554,900
  • Median Salary$55,801
  • Annual Tuition$16,092
  • Median Debt$15,750

Three concentrations are offered by Utah Valley University’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Management program: general business, hotel management, and international business. 120 credits are required to finish each program, 44 of which are in the common business core (with courses such as Business Statistics, Principles of Marketing, and Operations Management). Each…


University of Mary

 Bismarck (ND)
  • 10-Year ROI$554,200
  • Median Salary$56,776
  • Annual Tuition$13,950
  • Median Debt$24,362

Business Administration and Business Management bachelor’s degrees are available online through the University of Mary (UM). The administration program seeks to produce generalists who can work in sales, operations, finance, marketing, or communications in any area of the corporate world. Students who wish to lead teams and initiatives to sculpt organizational strategy should get a management degree.


Rutgers University

 New Brunswick (NJ)
  • 10-Year ROI$553,400
  • Median Salary$56,415
  • Annual Tuition$16,500
  • Median Debt$22,000

A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a focus in corporate finance, data analytics, digital marketing, or strategic human resource management is available online from Rutgers University. Students gain leadership abilities, knowledge of contemporary business models, and best practices in company management through the core business curriculum. An Integrated… is provided by Rutgers.


LeTourneau University

 Longview (TX)
  • 10-Year ROI$544,500
  • Median Salary$56,415
  • Annual Tuition$11,820
  • Median Debt$29,168

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is available online from LeTourneau University with specializations in finance, general business, human resource management, management, and nonprofit management. Information Systems, Business Ethics, and Organizational Behavior are just a few of the 42 common core classes included in this 120-credit curriculum. 12 credits are also required for the students’ concentration. …


Bowling Green State University-Main Campus

 Bowling Green (OH)
  • 10-Year ROI$538,200
  • Median Salary$55,183
  • Annual Tuition$9,727
  • Median Debt$24,275

A BS in Technology Quality Systems and a BS in Management and Technology-Business are both offered entirely online at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). Both degree completion programs demand that applicants hold an associate degree or 12 continuous months of work experience. The training curricula emphasize leadership and are Quality Matters accredited.


Union Institute & University

 Cincinnati (OH)
  • 10-Year ROI$537,400
  • Median Salary$55,964
  • Annual Tuition$16,350
  • Median Debt$31,090

Students can choose from five concentrations, including applied technology & business leadership, business administration, health care administration, human resource management, and organizational leadership, for their online Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree at Union Institute & University (UIU). There are five required core classes in this 120-credit program…


Excelsior College

 Albany (NY)
  • 10-Year ROI$533,600
  • Median Salary$53,300
  • Annual Tuition$15,300
  • Median Debt$12,412

The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) in Business Management and the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business are the two completely online business degrees offered by Excelsior College. The International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) has approved the BS degree, which offers specializations in finance, general accounting, general business, logistics management, human resources, and more.



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