Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Attorney for Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles The victim of a motorbike accident may experience major life changes. From bone fractures to traumatic brain damage, motorcycle accidents frequently result in injuries. In addition to lost pay, severe bodily and psychological suffering, and thousands of dollars in car repairs and medical expenses, a serious accident might be extremely expensive for the rider.

Our attorneys at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP have over 80 years of combined experience assisting victims of auto accidents with their financial recovery. We are knowledgeable about California’s motorcycle accident laws and know how to handle claims involving these vehicles in a way that maximizes compensation for each injured rider’s unique needs. Our firm’s knowledgeable Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney may be able to help

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  • Make a call to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

Why Trust Us With Your Motorcycle Accident Claim?

  • We pledge to work toward two goals: increasing the regulations that govern these instances and obtaining the highest possible compensation for each client.
  • We work to foster an environment where those who suffer as a result of carelessness don’t have to struggle to survive.
  • We have a team of attorneys on staff with backgrounds in many different areas of law, including motorcycle and other auto accidents.
  • Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys accept cases on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no costs if we lose.

How Can a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help?

After a serious motorcycle collision, resist the urge to accept a lowball settlement offer from an insurance company. Too frequently, insurance firms try to avoid responsibility and force consumers to settle for less than their cases are really worth. Call a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer instead so they can analyze your case and properly assess its worth. Our legal experts at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP can determine an exact estimate and use it as a starting point for talks on your behalf. We can represent you at no upfront cost in Los Angeles court if the insurance company won’t settle for a fair price.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in California

In California, one of the first stages toward obtaining financial compensation is typically determining the cause of your motorbike accident. Because California is a fault-based auto insurance state, the person or entity legally responsible for your losses will be the one who caused them. The person who caused your accident may be held liable for your medical expenses, missed wages, motorbike repair or replacement, non-economic losses, and other costs. Your injuries may be partially the responsibility of one or more parties.

  • A driver. Your damages may be covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance company if they caused the collision by being careless or distracted. Driving while intoxicated, speeding, violating traffic laws, or failing to yield to a motorcycle rider’s right-of-way are all examples of actions that could result in an accident.
  • A roadway. Motorcycles are susceptible to even the smallest road imperfections. If your motorcycle accident was caused by a pothole, loose gravel, rubble, storm debris, an unsafe construction site, grass clippings, or any road flaw, you may be able to hold the City of Los Angeles accountable for failing to maintain its roadways.
  • A vehicle part. The motorcycle manufacturer may be liable to you financially under product responsibility rules if your accident was brought on by a motorbike tire blowout, braking failure, electrical issue, or other auto flaw.

Most claims involving motorcycle accidents are tort claims. A tort claim aims to make the person or entity responsible for the act (a tort) liable for the victim’s damages. For you as the wounded rider to be eligible for compensation under tort rules, your Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer will need to demonstrate the defendant was to blame for your accident. You might be able to establish your case as a motorcycle rider, beginning with establishing culpability, with the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer from Rose, Klein & Marias LLP.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

A motorbike collision frequently results in catastrophic injuries. An contact with the road and/or another vehicle can result in a wide variety of injuries with little to no safety for the biker. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a biker is nearly 28 times more likely to die in a collision than a passenger. Additionally, motorcycle riders are far more prone to get major wounds. All kinds of personal injuries are accepted by Rose, Klein & Marias LLP’s Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys:

  • Broken bones
  • Skull fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Lower extremity injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Road rash
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Serious motorcycle accidents frequently result in catastrophic and life-altering injuries. Accident survivors frequently deal with the effects of their mishaps for the rest of their lives. Brain injury, paralysis, and physical scarring are examples of common long-term traumas. The trauma of a collision can also have an emotional and psychological toll on motorcyclists. You can fight for the highest possible amount of compensation for your motorbike injuries, including concrete and intangible damages, by working with a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer.


California Helmet Law and Motorcycle Accident Claims

Your chance of suffering a catastrophic head injury or brain injury in a motorcycle accident can be significantly decreased by wearing a helmet. California has a blanket helmet regulation. Every motorcyclist and motorcycle passenger is required by law to wear a helmet when riding. Federal safety regulations stipulate that the helmet must be snugly fitted to the wearer’s head. You risk receiving a traffic ticket and fine in California if you don’t wear a motorbike helmet. The defendant in an accident case may potentially use your failure to wear a helmet as evidence against you.

Because it would be against the law in California to not wear a helmet, the defendant may hold some of the blame for your motorbike injuries. The failure to wear a helmet must somehow be related to your injuries for this defense to be effective. Generally speaking, for an injury to qualify, it must affect the head, brain, face, or neck. Usually, a defendant won’t have a defense based on your illegal failure to wear a helmet if there is a bodily injury. The defendant must provide adequate evidence, such as the testimony of a medical or safety expert, to support their claim that your injuries were caused in part by your failure to wear a helmet.

If you were not wearing a helmet when your Los Angeles motorcycle accident occurred, do not assume that you do not have a case for reimbursement as an injured biker. Pure comparative negligence is the type of law that California uses, therefore being somewhat at fault for an injury does not automatically prevent plaintiffs from recovering damages. The courts will reduce your judgment compensation based on how much you contributed to your injuries, as opposed to prohibiting recovery with any degree of blame. For example, if not wearing a helmet was 20% of the reason why you sustained a traumatic brain injury, the amount of the compensation would be 20% lower. During your motorcycle accident lawsuit, a knowledgeable attorney at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP can assist you in overcoming the helmet defense.

Who Is Liable for Motorcycle Accidents While Lane Splitting?

When someone is riding a motorcycle between two lanes of traffic moving in the same direction, they are lane splitting. According to studies, lane splitting can reduce traffic congestion, save time, and assist avoid incidents like rear-end collisions. However, a lot of individuals think that lane splitting puts the surrounding drivers and the motorcycle rider in danger. Bikers, drivers, lawmakers, and safety organizations all disagree on the topic. The first state to permit motorcycle lane splitting was California. However, if a motorcycle in California lane splits carelessly, they can be responsible for the accident that results.

In collisions involving lane splitting, California’s comparative negligence statute may be relevant. A lower compensation amount may result if the defendant can show that you were lane splitting carelessly or at an excessive speed. However, lane splitting alone probably wouldn’t reduce your financial recovery if you were inside the bounds of California’s lane-splitting law. For a motorcycle accident claim with a challenging circumstance like lane splitting, use an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles

You as an accident victim care about the settlement amount of your motorcycle accident lawsuit. You deserve to know how much money you might be entitled to obtain for your property repairs and medical expenses, regardless of whether you have a catastrophic injury like a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain damage or a less serious accident like road rash. The best method to get a precise response is to schedule a free consultation with a Rose, Klein & Marias LLP motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles. There is no typical settlement amount because each motorcycle accident case is different. To find, catalog, and calculate your damages, you might require the assistance of an attorney.

  • All past and future medical expenses
  • Losses of income
  • Disability-related costs
  • Motorcycle repairs or replacement
  • Legal fees and out-of-pocket costs
  • Rental car fees
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional damages
  • Lost quality of life
  • Punitive damages

A motorcycle accident claim involving significant to catastrophic injuries will typically be worth more than a claim for minor injuries, and a claim for a fatal motorcycle accident will typically be worth much more than a claim for catastrophic injury. The jury’s decision will be based on the victim’s injuries’ seriousness and how much they affected that person’s life. An insurance company will evaluate the value of your case if it settles before trial by looking at your medical expenses and any concrete damages. During talks, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles can assist you in maximizing your cash recovery utilizing tried-and-true legal tactics.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Los Angeles

What Is the Motorcycle Accident Statute of Limitations in California?

Make sure you file your motorcycle accident claim before the deadline, or statute of limitations, in California, by moving swiftly. All plaintiffs with personal injury claims in California have two years from the day the collision or injury was discovered to bring their lawsuits in the civil courts. With a few limited exceptions, failure to file a claim for personal injury or wrongful death within two years usually prevents a plaintiff from being compensated in California. To guarantee that you reach your state’s deadline, do not delay more than two years. After a motorbike accident, get in touch with a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP as soon as you can to preserve crucial information and evidence. We can expedite and simplify the claims filing process.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Los Angeles

Your motorcycle accident injury claim may succeed or fail depending on the actions you take or don’t take in Los Angeles after a motorbike accident. To safeguard your entitlement to compensation, it is crucial to take specific measures. You or your Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer will need to gather proof, determine who was at blame, and submit your injury claim by the state of California’s deadline. For the best chances of obtaining just compensation, work with a lawyer right away.

  1. Get someplace safe. Stay at the accident scene or as near to it as feasible if it is safe to do so. Look for injuries on both you and other accident participants.
  2. Move your disabled motorcycle. To avoid more collisions, if you can, pull your damaged motorcycle off the road.
  3. Call 911. Any California motorcycle crash that results in injuries, more than $1,000 in property damage, or motorcycle fatalities should be reported to the police. If required, call for an ambulance.
  4. Exchange information. Obtain the name of the other driver’s insurance provider as well as their contact information. Don’t assign blame for the motorcycle accident.
  5. Take photos. If you can, use a camera or your cellphone to take images of the wrecked motorcycle, the surrounding area, and other significant features.
  6. Go to the hospital. Go right away to a doctor or hospital after the cops give you the all-clear to go. Insurance companies favor prompt injury care. You can heal as a result of it. Even if you believe you have no injuries, see a doctor.
  7. Report the crash to an insurance company. Make contact with the driver whose insurance company you think is responsible for the motorbike crash. As soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours following the collision, file a report.
  8. Follow your doctor’s orders. A treatment plan compliance check will be performed by an insurance company. If not, it might use this as proof to claim that you made your injuries worse.
  9. Collect information. Gather details about the collision to present to a personal injury lawyer. Copies of your medical records and police reports can be included in this.
  10. Contact an attorney. Consult with a lawyer about your situation before speaking to a claims adjuster. You can learn more about your rights from a Rose, Klein & Marias LLP motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles.

The insurance provider that reviews your claim won’t desire to maximize your cash compensation as a motorbike rider who was hurt. The insurance claims adjuster could attempt to persuade you to accept less money in order to increase the business’s profits. By having a lawyer represent you in negotiations with the insurance company from the beginning, you can be protected. A lawyer won’t let you accept a meager settlement offer. Make touch with a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney for a review before you get too far with your claims.

Discuss Your Case With a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Speak with a Rose, Klein & Marias LLP motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles about your particular claim right away. At our regional law offices in Southern California, we provide free consultations with no commitment to retain one of our attorneys. We want you to understand your rights as a victim of a motorbike accident and how to proceed following a tragic motorcycle accident. Use our online intake form to request a free case evaluation, or call (213) 626-0571 to speak with a motorcycle lawyer in our Los Angeles office.


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