Top 10 Insurance Companies by the Metrics

Top 10 Insurance Companies by the Metrics

The size of insurance businesses can be ranked in a variety of ways. Market capitalization, or a company’s valuation on the stock market, can be used to gauge a business, as can sales metrics like the amount of policies issued or net premiums written in a given year. Here, we look at the top 10 insurance providers in terms of sales, market share, and market capitalization.

  • Despite not always being as showy as investment banks or hedge funds, insurance firms are significant players in the global financial system.
  • The size and areas of specialization of insurance businesses vary, from health to life to property & casualty.
  • The value of a company’s outstanding shares is its market capitalisation, often known as market cap.
  • There are several insurance businesses that are owned jointly by the policyholders.
  • It’s crucial to classify insurance firms based on the products they offer when ranking them.

Largest Insurance Companies by Market Capitalization

The overall worth of a company’s stock is known as its market capitalization, or market cap, and it is calculated by dividing the number of outstanding shares by the stock’s current price. It is a quick method of figuring out what a company is worth to investors.

Large market capitalization companies are typically well-established, cautious investments. They most likely grow steadily and present the least level of risk. Mid-cap corporations are well-established but have significant room for growth. Finally, small-cap companies are frequently young businesses with significant development potential. Because they are more susceptible to economic downturns than the more seasoned large and mid-cap corporations, investing in these businesses carries the highest risk.

Shares of publicly traded insurance companies can be purchased by investors. According to market capitalisation on international stock markets as of July 2021, the top non-health insurance providers are: 1

Publicly Traded Non-health Insurance Companies

Company Name Market Capitalization
Berkshire Hathaway (U.S.) $714 billion
Ping An Insurance (China) $141 billion
AIA Group (Hong Kong) $123 billion
China Life Insurance (China) $106 billion
Allianz (Germany) $89 billion
Cigna (US) $76 billion
Zurich Insurance (Switzerland) $67 billion
AXA (France) $65 billion
Humana (U.S.) $55 billion
Munich (Germany) $39 billion


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